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Nice time, I’m sure currently you want Boring Drill Bits item, which means you tend to be around the proper website. Today that you are examining Boring head submit. And also I am hoping you’ll find handy facts throughout here prior to buy Boring Drill Bits merchandise. Presently I have to talk about Boring head. Little details that Boring head product is manufactured by simply Sherline company.

The real Boring head Description:

A boring head is one of the most important accessories in most machines shops because it allows holes to be machined to almost any size with great accuracy. It would be impractical to try to purchase drills and reamers for all the possible hole sizes up to 1.75″ (44 mm) in diameter. Also, larger diameter drills and reamers could not be adapted to fit on a miniature size machine tool. The boring head is infinitely adjustable, so it can machine all of thee holes and anything in between. It can also machine stepped holes for seating bearings and internal grooves for lock rings. Boring tool cut like lathe boring tools with the difference being the tool moves rather than the work. The head accepts standard 3/8″ diameter tools. Included are a drawbolt, thrust washer and hex key for adjustments. (Boring tools not included. For boring tools see P/N 3061, 3063 and 3064.)

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