Jobber Drill Bits – -/32 LEFT HAND DRILL BIT (AHN-30518)

Wonderful evening, I’m sure today you are interested in Jobber Drill Bits merchandise, and that means you are in correct website. Currently you are reading through -/32 LEFT HAND DRILL BIT (AHN-30518) submit. As well as I’m hoping you’ll find valuable data with right here when you buy Jobber Drill Bits merchandise. Right now I must write about -/32 LEFT HAND DRILL BIT (AHN-30518). Very little data that this -/32 LEFT HAND DRILL BIT (AHN-30518) item is created by American Tool Exchange corporation.

Here is the -/32 LEFT HAND DRILL BIT (AHN-30518) Description:

Constructed of M-42 8 percent cobalt high speed steel for super abrasive resistance in tough metals Heavy duty spiral flute design produces faster chip ejection Shorter cutting lips reduce torque for drilling in high tensile strength materials 135-degree split point reduces feed pressure for easier penetration without work hardening Ideal for use with screw extractors

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